Burnden Boxers are owned in partnership between Denise, Jeannine and Desnie Pye, who have all exhibited in the show ring and won Challenge Certificates. All three of us judge at Championship level.

We bought our first boxer 'Rustar Reflection of Burnden' in 1982 from Paul and Tina Russell. From our very first litter, Sterling Girl at Rustar went on to be a multiple Championship show class winner including Crufts, her sister Monetary Miss at Burnden was the dam of our first Challenge Certificate winner Burnden Song of Sixpence.

All the boxers we have ever owned and bred have been direct descendants of 'Rustar Reflection of Burnden'. The 'Burnden' affix was first registered in 1984, since then we have bred four British Champions - including a Miniature Pinscher, and an Irish Champion. We've had six further Challenge Certificate winners, three more Reserve Challenge Certificate winners and 6 dogs that have won their class at Crufts.

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Asa win's cc

OCTOBER 2012: At the Trent both boys were placed in huge classes. Had the best day ever on the 20th, at the London and Home Counties ch show, Zane won a fantastic class of 21, then Asa headed a super class of 17. Then to top off the day, Asa won the Challenge Certificate and Zane got the Reserve! If that wasn't enough to celebrate, later that evening we heard that Casey and Duke had done the double in Ireland at Portadown Canine Club Championship show! They both took the green stars, then Casey took BOB and was shortlisted to in the group. Well done Amanda, Martin and Martina.

SEPTEMBER 2012: The first show for us this month was Richmond Championship Show with Claire Kay judging. Tamara won a fabulous (and at just 13 months, her first) Junior class. Amanda made the trip over from Ireland and got a third with Burnden Gold Fever (Archie) and a second with Burnden Bespoke for Willow (Casey) in a really strong Limit class.We are proud to announce that Burnden Opportunist JW is now a champion. Having won his 3rd and crowning challenge certificate this weekend at the Irish B.C. Ch. Show under Brenda Groves.

The next outing was at the end of September when Desnie made the trip over to Ireland Asa, Belinda and Tamara so she had her hands full. It was all worth it though as Asa won Limit and was awarded his qualifying Challenge Certificate and Best in Show at the Irish Boxer Club. It didn't stop there though, Ir Ch Burnden Cosmopolitan won Open dog and was shortlisted for the CC, then both Tamara and Belinda won their classes and Casey was second in Limit bitch. A super day for Burnden, thanks to Brenda Groves. The next day under Carol Chippendale at Belfast show, Asa won Limit dog, Belinda won Yearling bitch and Tamara had a 4th in Junior. Casey and Duke both had thirds today.

AUGUST 2012: At the British Boxer Club, Belinda continued her consistent run with another 2nd behind the CC. Then, as detailed above Asa took the Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed at the Welsh Kennel Championship Show. Incredible day at The Welsh, Burnden Opportunist (Asa) won the CC and BOB under breed specialist Val Pack-Davison. He now has 2CC's and 4RCC's.

JULY 2012: Belinda picked up another good 2nd at East of England. We had a fantastic day at National Working, Zane who has only been lightly shown this year won a huge Limit class, then Tamara got a lovely 3rd. Secret Fortune (Belinda) then won the junior class and just missed out on the RCC.

JUNE 2012: The summer of rain continued for Southern Counties but this didn't prevent Asa showing his socks off to win the Limit class in super company. In the special puppy event at South Western both girls won their class again, this time it was Belinda who won overall. Having won his way through the classes Zane was in his first Limit class at Border Union where he was 2nd to the RCC winner.

MAY 2012: Had a fab day at Tyne, Wear & Tees, Tamara got 2nd in a lovely Minor Puppy class by the star was Belinda winning Best Puppy Bitch in Show. At South Wales BC both the girls won their classes in the special puppy event, this time Tamara pulled out the stops to win overall. The best puppy dog was Asa's son owned by Steph & Marc Andrews.

APRIL 2012: In the Minor Puppy class at the Northern, Tamara (Limitless) put on a great performance to qualify for Crufts with a 2nd. At the Merseyside Belinda gained a respectable 2nd in Puppy. Zane continued his good form at Working & Pastoral Breeds of Wales winning the Post Graduate class. The following week at WELKS he repeated this win with his daughter Belinda winning the puppy class.

MARCH 2012: Zane was 2nd in a good Post Graduate class at Essex. Zane won Post Graduate at Working Breeds of Wales and then again at WELKS, where Belinda also won Puppy Bitch.

FEBUARY 2012: At the Cotswold Boxer Club open show, Zane continued his good run getting Best Dog & Reserve Best in Show. Tamara (Burnden Limitless) made her first apperance at the Midland Boxer Club and qualified for Crufts 2013!

OCTOBER 2011: We had a lovely day at the Trent Boxer Club, Zane won the Graduate class but not to be outdone Asa got the RCC & RBIS from a fantastic entry. The next show was London & Home Counties where Zane was 2nd to the RCC winner. Asa won a cracking Limit and was shortlisted for the CC in great company, this time the judge was Betty McDonald. Tululah came to show the youngsters how to do it and really enjoyed showing in veteran.

SEPTEMBER 2011: During September Zane picked up another couple of 2nds at City of Birmingham & Driffield. At the Irish Boxer Club, Casey won a beautiful Post Graduate class and was shortlisted for the CC.

AUGUST 2011: At Paignton Zane was 2nd in Post Graduate, his sister Casey put in a great performance but was just pipped to the post by the RCC winner and ended up 2nd in Post Graduate.

JULY 2011
: At the beginning of the month Desnie took Zane to a hot Windsor where he was second in his class. Then at National Working Asa had a fantastic day winning Limit Dog, the Dog Challenge Certificate and Best of Breed, we are all still on cloud nine. Many thanks to Sue Drinkwater owner of the famous Sulez Boxers. Days like that make it all worth while! Zane rounded off a great month by winning a super Graduate class at Leeds.

After having not had a litter at Burnden for more than two years, we have just mated two of our bitches, in fact the only two bitches we own that we can breed from! Burnden Inheritrix (Vesper) has been mated to Ch. Norwatch Sunhawk Heypresto and Burnden …… (Patsy) to Ch. Lanfrese Sure Thing at Manic. Fingers crossed, both litters will be due in the first and second weeks in August.

MAY 2011: Mandy kindly bought Casey over from Ireland for Birmingham where she won her class, Zane was second in his class. Then the week after at Tyne, Wear and Tees Championship show, Zane had a second and Asa had a third. Both boys then had a break until Bath at the end of the month where they both had seconds.

JULY 2010:
Zane had 2nd in a good sized Junior Class and Asa was 3rd behind the CC and reserve CC winners on the day at National Working Asa won a fabulous Post Graduate class at Windsor and was short listed to the last five. Jackson also won Limit.

JUNE 2010: Another great month with Secret Millionaire (Zane) winning both his classes at South Western Boxer Club open show. We were delighted at Three Counties when Zane won the Junior class and Opportunist (Asa) won Post Graduate this brings his total Championship show 1st to 35. On the same day the Wyse family had a great day with Burnden Cosmopolitan winning the Green Star and Best in Show in Ireland.

There were firsts all round at Blackpool with Zane winning his 5th Junior Championship show class, Asa then won Mid Limit and was shortlisted for the CC. Desnie also handled Jackson, the Giant Schnauzer winning the Limit class.

MAY 2010: We are pleased to say that Zane was heart tested and scored 1.

APRIL 2010: Asa was 1st in Graduate at the Northern Boxer Club Championship Show, Zane was 3rd in his first class out of puppy. The following week was Working and Pastoral Breeds of Wales, Asa won Post Graduate and was shortlisted for the CC. Zane got 3rd in a strong Junior class. At WELKS Zane won a lovely junior class and was shortlist for the CC.

MARCH 2010: It was a busy couple of days with the Boxer Event on the Saturday where we were represented in The Cotswold Boxer Club Dog of the Year competition by Asa, The Mancunian Boxer Club Pup of the Year competition by Zane who was shortlisted. Crufts was on Thursday, where Zane won Best Puppy Dog bringing his total wins in puppy to six. At Essex Boxer Championship show Asa won his class and Zane
ended his puppy career with a second.

FEBRUARY 2010: Only one show during February, Zane won the Puppy class and Asa was second at the Scottish BC. JANUARY 2010: Asa started the new year well with Best in Show at the South Western Boxer Club Open show and 2nd in Yearling at Manchester Championship show. A good day was had by both the boys at the Anglian Boxer Club Championship show were both won their class and Zane was shortlisted for the CC and won Best Puppy Dog.

We were very pleased to receive our invitations to The Cotswold Boxer Club Dog of the Year competition with Asa, The Mancunian Boxer Club Pup of the Year competition with Zane and the Miniature Pinscher Dog of the Year competition with Lottie.

DECEMBER 2009: After a few weeks break, the boys went to the Cotswold Boxer Championship show where again Zane won Minor Puppy Dog and Best Puppy dog in Show. Asa was third in Special Yearling. NOVEMBER 2009: Asa and Zane's next show was South Western Boxer Championship show, where Zane won Minor Puppy Dog & Best Puppy Dog in Show. Asa was third in his class.

Burnden Opportunist brings his total reserve challenge certificate wins to 3. He has now won 29 first prizes, all from Crufts qualifying classes, and has been short listed for the Challenge Certificate on many occasions.

OCTOBER 2009: Started well with Asa winning at Driffield Championship show and at the Trent Boxer Championship show where Zane (Burnden Secret Millionaire) made his show debut, qualifing for Crufts with a second in Minor Puppy. Then at London and Home Couties Championship show he was also second as was Asa. Asa also gained another second at Midland Counties.

SEPTEMBER 2009: Asa won 1st Post Graduate at Belfast Championship Show. He also won special yearling at Richmond Championship Show.

JULY 2009: Burnden Opportunist has won: 1st Junior Dog at East of England Ch &1st Junior Dog & last 4 for the CC at Windsor Championship show, taking his total Championship show wins to 21.

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Asa (Burnden Opportunist)

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